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Museum scientists study the history, evolution, and diversity of the universe, the Earth, and its inhabitants. We make new discoveries and share them with our communities through presentation, publication, and programming.


Incorporating both ethnography and archaeology, the Department of Anthropology deals with the study of humans and the cultural, environmental, and social factors that affect them.

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Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences combines paleontology and geology in its attempt to understand and document the evolution of the planet.

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Health Sciences

The mission of Health Sciences Department is to explore and teach the biological principles of human health and disease.

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Space Sciences

The Department of Space Sciences explores the mysteries of the universe, from the relatively nearby landscapes of Mars to the farthest reaches of space.

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The Department of Zoology investigates evolutionary patterns and processes leading to a better understanding of the world's biodiversity.

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Internships at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science allow high school and college students to gain hands-on experience in scientific research, collections and archives, behind-the-scenes in our various administrative departments, and out in the community. These programs are valuable stepping stones toward careers in the natural sciences. Click here to see a list of available internships.

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Veronika Hall
Senior Admin Assistant, Research & Collections Division
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