Wildlife Exhibits

  • Meet unique wildlife

  • Explore Colorado's ecosystems

  • Take an imaginary safari


Space Odyssey

On Permanent Display
Explore the universe and your place in it in this dynamic and highly interactive exhibition.

Museum Publications

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has an active research program and authors a variety of publications.

Location: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

From Alaska to Argentina, Africa to Australia, more than 90 wildlife and habitat scenes illustrate our planet's amazing diversity. Like three-dimensional "postcards" from places near and far, they capture moments in time, showcasing the world's wondrous animals and the delicate ecosystems in which they live.

Bears and Sea Mammals Hall will be closed August 19-23 and October 7-11 for renovations.  

For Educators


Museum Seek-and-Find

Artist Kent Pendleton, who painted diorama backgrounds for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, often hid tiny elves in his work. A few are visible throughout the Museum. The elves are well camouflaged, but if you download the sheet below and use a Museum map, you can seek out the elves as well as some other surprises.

Museum Seek-and-Find (PDF | 1MB)

2001 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80205

Open daily
9am - 5pm
Closed Christmas
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